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Want perfect, wake-up friendly brows?  Sure you do!  Eyebrow microblading fixes a common problem plaguing so many of us: born with little to no hair, medical treatments that caused hairloss, or you just want fuller, more voluptuous brows.  Some of us just weren't born with thick, full brows.  Now you can have them at ReDiant Beauty.  Bonus, your brows will allow you to swim, workout and so much more without worrying about running makeup.  

After microblading with ReDiant Beauty, you can truly say "I woke up like this...flawless!" 

ReDiant Beauty
ReDiant Beauty
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My name is Ruqayyah Davis (hence the "R" and the "D" in caps in the name)...but you can also call me ReDpants.   I am the principal brow architect and technician at ReDiant Beauty.  I spent almost 20 years in the fashion industry as a retail buyer.  With a passion for fashion, style, and all things beauty, I took a leap of faith and entered into the beauty industry. 

ReDiant Beauty by ReDpants is a microblading gallery designed to provide a fix to a common issue. Individuals with or without brows are the perfect candidates for our services.  Trust your brows to the best.  We are a certified, licensed facility that has taken pride in ensuring that we are using the most up-to-date techniques. At ReDiant Beauty, we are passionate about making you look beautiful and creating your perfect brows.

I have expanded my brand to offer embroidered goods to my website. We sell everything from embroidered totes and bags, pet accessories, baby items, and so much more. Let ReDpants be your common ThReD for eyebrow treatments to embroidered personalized goods!

Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback.  If you have any friends or family in need of our services, please refer them to our services.  Get up-to-date information on new products and services by subscribing to our email mailing list.  Also, check out our blog for fun details and information.