ReDiant Beauty Benefits of Microblading
  • Semi-permanent and should last anywhere from 8-18 months. 
  • Since it is semi-permanent, you may change the shape or style once it is time for your annual refresh.
  • No need to draw on or fill in your brows daily.  
  • Save time getting ready in the morning.  
  • Perfect for the busy parent or busy individual.  
  • Stays on after showers and dips in the pool or ocean.
  • Won't wipe off with your sweat on the gym towel.
  • In some cases, microblading can cover a scar or an old eyebrow tattoo.  A  consultation would be necessary in order to discuss options. (see Color Correction for more information regarding corrections).
  • Overall, microblading is a great investment if you are interested in a time saving beauty enhancement.