ReDiant Beauty offers a variety of services to create your ideal brows!

Ruqayyah Davis (ReDpants) is the resident brow couturier at ReDiant Beauty.  She is passionate and meticulous in her approach to delivering the perfect set of brows!  Your brows are important and frame your face. Creating your perfect brows is a partnership.  Express your concerns and needs that will help her help you achieve your ideal brows. 


Do you spend time in the morning drawing in your brows in the morning?  You can't

leave home without your brows?  If yes, then permanent makeup is the solution for you!


MIcroblading, in a nut shell, is a form or tattoo artistry.  Unlike eyebrow tattoos created in the 80s and 90s, the pigment used is more natural in appearance and will last anywhere between 8-18 months.  It sounds much scarier than it actually is.  Have no fear, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area being tattooed so the procedure goes smoothly with little to no discomfort.  Clients often describe the feeling as less painful than threading or tweezing the brows.

You can expect the color to initially be darker but as the healing process begins, the vibrant colors will fade giving you a more natural finish. 


Individual hair-like strokes mimicking natural hairs are applied using a hand held tool.  The results give a fuller, defined brow shape. Read more about microblading HERE.


Ombre brows are the perfect brows if you prefer the look of makeup.  The technique used, creates a powder-like look micmicking topical powder makeup.  Superb option for all skin and color types.  Great option for candidates with oily skin and larger pores.


Got a bad microblading job somewhere else?  Or do you have an old eyebrow tattoo that you want to get rid of?  Have no fear!  I have the solution for that as well.  I use a VERY safe and less aggressive procedure that reduces and helps fade the pigment.  

Master corrects makeup, it gives shape a


Do you want to test run brow enhancement?  Not ready to commit to permanent brows?  I have something for you!

What are Henna Tinted Brows?

Henna brow tinting uses a natural Henna to add the depth and dimension of a full brow.  Henna tinting is the perfect way to test run microblading or powder brows.  It is also perfect if you are not a candidate for microblading.  The product does not contain ammonia or lead.  

How long does it last?

Tinting can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the brow hair with proper aftercare.


Threading is an ancient hair removal technique practiced for centuries providing women perfectly shaped brows and long lasting results. A thin cotton thread is twisted into a double strand and is placed on the brow carefully removing the unwanted hairs. By doing so, you are able to get the perfect defined arch within minutes.

What are the benefits of threading?

  • Threading only uses a cotton thread.  

  • No harsh chemicals used.

  • No risk of getting burned from the heated products.

  • Great for clients with sensitive skin.

  • Unlike waxing, allows you maintain elastic skin in the brow area.

  • Threading pulls each individual hair from the root which results in hair growing back finer over time.

  • Reduces risk of ingrown hairs.

What other areas can be threaded other than my Eyebrows?
  • Sideburns

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Neck

  • Fingers

Master corrects makeup, gives shape and