ReDiant Beauty Old Tattoos and PMU
If you have an old tattoo brow or permanent makeup (PMU):
  • Do you have an older eyebrow tattoo?  If so, it may not be possible to cover the older tattoo with microblading alone.  Your older tattoo may require a color correction or color reduction.
  • The technique that I use is a safe method that requires no downtime.   Color is applied to correct or reduce the area or color of the brow.  
  • It is recommended that you let me know at the time of your booking that if you have an older tattoo.  Options will be presented as to how to address the tattoo.
  • A color correction is necessary if your tattoo or PMU has turned from the intended color to gray, blue, pink, red, or any other undesirable hue.  The reason that this may have happened is from a lack of modifier being used on your previous treatment.
  • If a color correction is required, it may take a few sessions to correct the color.  The older tattoo or PMU work may too deeply penetrated to resolve in one  session. 
  • If microblading is the desired next step, once color correction has been completed, we will work on a realistic plan.  
  • The aforementioned applies to bad microblading from other artists., as well.
  • A surcharge will be applied to all previous tattoos.