What are the side effects of microblading?
  • Internal factors that create issues with permanent makeup are:
    • Production of sebum and overproduction which can cause the pigment to fade at a greater rate.​  Skin may require up to three sessions to deliver the results. 
  • External factors that create issues with permanent makeup are:
    • Exfoliation of the area or treatments meant to target cell turnover. ​
    • Excess powder will cause flakes. 
    • Concave scars may take better after 2nd (touch-up) session.
  • Other factors: 
    • Sunlight, tanning beds, and other artificial lighting will accelerate the fading the pigment.​
    • Salt (ocean water) and excess sweat (immediately) will also accelerate the fading of the pigment.  You should avoid or minimize exposure to these elements 4-6 weeks after. Take care by covering the area and/or avoiding excess exposure.
  • Expect some discomfort due to the procedure.  We take care to provide a pre--numbing gel and apply numbing solution throughout the procedure.  Our goal is to minimize as much of the discomfort as possible

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