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Benefits of Threading vs. Waxing

Once upon a time waxing was the only method of hair removal that I knew. I first discovered threading in Berkeley, California around year 2000. I found this amazing little threading salon, tucked away near Berkeley University, that came highly recommended by the locals. My brows were always thick and full. I was extremely selective as to who would touch my brows. Needless to say, after my first visit to this little shop in Berkeley, I have been hooked on threading and refuse to turn back. 


Threading is an ancient practice from the Middle East and parts of Asia. The technique uses only a piece of cotton thread to create little loops to remove hairs from the root of the skin. Unlike tweezing, rows of hairs can be picked up at one time, making it a faster hair removal process. Waxing, on the other hand, is a lot less precise. I loved watching the women in the threading salons use only a single thread to remove rows and rows of hair from parts of the face.  The admiration ran so deep, that I decided to teach myself how to thread. I taught myself by practicing on my leg hairs (insert embarrased emoji)!

The reason that I was so determined to learn about the art of threading is because threading has so many benefits unlike it’s waxing counterpart. I also think that the actual art of threading is pretty cool, too! Waxing and threading both remove hairs from the roots of the skin, but most obvious differences between the two are the process of removal use completely different techniques.

Here is a list of some benefits of threading:

1) Hair removal only requires a cotton thread.  The cotton thread creates loops to remove hairs, including some of the finest strands of hair. Waxing on the other hand requires messy wax products (hot or cold).

2) Adversely, waxing uses a heated, chemical to rip the hairs from the skin.  Ripping the hairs from the skin can cause so many issues.  For starters, the ripping method could possibly not only remove the hairs but could pull skin in the process as well.  Not a good look, right?

3) For those with sensitive skin, threading is far more gentle on delicate skin. Waxing exposes the skin to germs that might be lingering in the wax pot and the harmful chemicals used to produce the wax product. As a result of the heat and/or chemicals found in waxing products, the skin can be left red, red, and irritated or worse. Threading requires only a piece of clean thread, there is no use of chemicals or germs.

4) Threading is more precise than waxing. Waxing can not always get those super fine hairs.  With threading, even the tiniest hairs can be extracted (I actually get a kick out removing those small, stubborn hairs and seeing that there was a decent size bulb at the end of it.)

5) Threading mitigates the risk of ingrown hairs.  Again, because the tiniest hairs can be grabbed with the thread, you can pull the hairs from the root without leaving the bulb beneath the skin.

6) If you are a skeptic and have concerns about pain, my personal thoughts are that if you can tolerate the waxing sensation, you can definetely handle threading. I personally think that waxing is far more painful. Once you try threading, your tolerance level builds up (same as with waxing).

7) Threading last longer than waxing. I am not sure if it is because more tiny hairs can be removed during the threading process, but I can go 4 weeks in between getting my brows threaded. Waxing on the other hand would require an every 2 week visit.

8) Lastly, the most important factor that I consider when debating whether to thread or wax, is the loss of elasticity that waxing causes over a period of time. With each and every aggressive pull of the wax strips or wax products, more and more skin elasticity is lost. Threading is far more gentle on the skin than its waxing counterpart.

What are your thoughts on threading? Do you prefer threading or waxing?

I will be offering classes showing on the basics of threading and Henna tinted brows. Find out more about upcoming courses HERE. Please subscribe to my website in order to get the most up to date information. Threading appointments can be booked HERE. Threading is included with all henna tinting appointments.



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