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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I see clients more and more that have either had an old school tattoo or poorly done microblading jobs done by other artists. The old tattoos may have been done at a tattoo studio with poor ink that either left an undesirable color after several years or poorly shaped.

Sometimes, covering up an old tattoo is not an option. Either the color has changed over time to a bluish or grayish hue or even changed to red. The tattoo itself may be too thick to cover up and need reshaping.

I recommend a consultation if you have an old tattoo. This will determine the right course of action. You may need a complete removal or color reduction or a coverup may be possible.

I got really lucky with this coverup. Her original tattoo was still a really good color. And the shape was thin enough, that it was easy to alter and correct the shape.

Old tattoo...

Mapping out the new brows...

Initial session .....

After touchup...

If you are considering microblading and have an older tattoo or microbladed eyebrows, the approach to your treatment may be different. I charge an additional surcharge of $50 to go over an older tattoo done somewhere else. This is to protect my work and ensure the best results.

Please leave your comments and questions. I look forward to your feedback.



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