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Is Microblading a Tattoo?

I have several clients ask the question if microblading is the same as a tattoo. The short answer is YES, it is. Microblading and all other forms of permanent cosmetics are considered a form of tattoo artistry.  The idea of getting a tattoo might scare people for fear of pain or the possibility of getting stuck with brows for an extended period. Have no fear! Keep reading and I hope to lighten your fears and concerns.

For microblading, pigment is implanted between the epidermis and dermis skin layers with a manual tool instead of a machine (as in standard tattooing). Hyperprecise strokes from the needle head blade creates hair-like strokes that add dimension and volume to the brow area.  

Nevertheless, microblading does have it's differences. For starters, microbladed hairstrokes only last 8-18 months before they start to fade. With proper care from the client, they will last longer. The reason that microbladed hair strokes fade over time (unlike most tattoos) is because the pigment is deposited in the outermost surfaces of the skin.

A huge plus for microblading is that you can change your brow style as often as the trends change!

Eyebrow trends change over is a quick recap:

1920's were all about dramatic high arches.

1930's were known for more rounded, softer shapes.

1940's marked the beginning of fuller, more natural looking shapes.

1950's showed love to natural brows with a slightly, sharper arch.

1960's focused more on the eyes themselves. Imagine, Twiggy's beautiful big eyes enhanced with tons of mascara.

1970's during the time of Woodstock and Disco, brows were ranged from untamed to overly, high glam thin arches.

1980's were blessed with thick and natural brows (I, myself, remember donning a bushy pair of almost unibrows.)

1990's the brows went back to being thin and skinny.

2000's the brows started getting even thinner!

2010's marked another revival of natural, full brows.

Currently, brows are making a scene in fuller, structured looks. (How I wish that I still had my semi-unibrow!)

With that said, I great advantage to microblading is that you can add as much volume as you want. When the trends change, you can change with the trend without feeling stuck with a more permanent tattoo!

In terms of pain, tattoo is more painful than microblading. My clients often tell me that microblading is LESS painful than threading or tweezing. If you have a tattoo already, you know that tattoos come with a level of pain.

Types of ink is a huge difference in tattoos vs permanent cosmetics. Tattooing uses INK that is deposited in the skin. Permanent cosmetics uses specialized cosmetic pigments. Permanent cosmetic pigment is intended to gradually fade over time and maintain a natural appearance. Pigment is also thicker than ink which prevents minimizes the migration of color under the skin layer. Tattoo ink fades slightly different and can tend to fade into some unfavorable colors. I have seen everything from red to blue to greenish colored tattoos. These colors are often found in really old tattoos.

To sum it up, yes, microblading is a form of tattoo. However, microblading is intended to be semi-permanent and tattoos are permanent. An annual touch-up is recommended to refresh the microbladed strokes. The touch-up makes a huge difference in maintaining the beauty of your brows.

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