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Oily Skin...Can I Get Microblading?

Microblading IS possible on oily skin! You may find that some microblading artists do not recommend microblading for individuals with oily skin. The reasons are that once the pigment is deposited in the skin, it tends to migrate and creates a more powdery effect versus crisp hair strokes. Neverthless, microblading is possible with the right approach.

To understand this further, it is impoqrtant to understand the Fitzpatrick skin chart. Fitzpatrick skin tones IV-VI which can range from Italian, Middle Eastern, African American, and African skin tones tend to have oily skin and larger pores. As these skin types are different from lighter skin individuals with typically smaller pores, several factors must be considered when applying the hairstrokes.

Oily skin is the result of overproduction of the sebaceous glands. These glands are located under the skin's surface. Skin types with oily skin have larger pores due to the production of sebum. Sebum production can take place throughout the entire face and can also take place on the t-zone only (forehead, nose, and chin). As excessive oils accumulate in the forehead region, it is important to note that microblade strokes need to approached methodically.

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry. Pigment is deposited above the dermis and into the basal layer of the epidermis skin. What can happen with oily skin is that the pigment gets deposited in the skin layers and migrates. As the pigment migrates the hairstrokes spread and create more of a powdery effect. Clients love the powdery effect. But as the artist, I grew frustrated in the why this was happening. Not much information was available about microblading oily skin and ethnic skin. Some artist do not show microblading results on these skin types and tones (especially healed results), as they may not be as favorable. With a lot of research and changing my microblading process, I use a few techniques to yield some successful results.

I proudly have a range of customers from African American, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian ethnicities. I found it important for me to do my research and find out how to differentiate my microblading treatments for each type of client's skin. Microblading for each of these clients needs to be approached differently.

Here are some techniques and practices that I use for my oily skin clients:

1) First of all, microblade hair-like strokes are possible on oily skin. It is important to level set expectations as the healing process will determine the final outcome.

2) At the initial appointment, I place the hairstrokes further apart (than I would on a candidate with dryer and/or lighter skin). My reasons for this approach are to minimize as much of the pigment migration as possible. The further the strokes are apart, they will heal like hairstrokes. Again expectations are set that there is still a chance that the pigment will migrate. Hairstrokes may not be as crisp as someone on Fitz scale of I-III.Nevertheless, beautiful results can be achieved.

3) For clients with oily skin, I recommend a dry heal for the aftercare process. My recommended aftercare entails washing the brows at least 2x per day with a gentle cleanser (green soap, cetaphil, baby shampoo, etc). By washing the brows, you are eliminating oils that will naturally accumulate in and around the brow area. These oils could otherwise build up around the hairstrokes and further cause the pigment to spread than intended.

4) Another aftercare process that I ask my oily skin clients to follow is to dry heal. Instead of applying a petroleum based product like A&D or Aquaphor, as is recommended for normal to dry clients, I recommend not using any additional product during the healing process. Adding oil to an already oily skin, would otherwise promote the pigment to spread under the freshly cut hairstrokes. The dry heal process allows the skin to heal with crisper strokes. I can attest to some very positive results with the dry heal.

5) At the touchup, we can add in more hairstrokes in between the previously healed strokes. Again, my approach to adding the haistrokes is to keep them far apart.

6) I also recommend for my less conservative clients that if they want to consider ombre brows, ombre is a more ideal technique for ethnic skin and oily skinned clients. Ombre is a more powdery effect for the eyebrow area where the pigment gets lighter from the tail to the head of the brow. Ombre brows give the appearance of makeup.

7) Another option is that we could do a combination brow at the intial appointment where hairstrokes are added to the front (with decent spacing between them) and the rest of the brow is ombre effect.

The aforementioned is discussed with my clients prior to beginning the microblading process. It is always best to set expectations as my goal is to make my clients happy. Beautiful, hairlike strokes are a possibility. Results will vary from client to client depending on the level of oiliness of the skin.

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